Reports of the Council

Over the years the Council has been engaging committees comprising of renowned academicians and educationists to prepare and submit reports to the Government on various matters and issues pertaining to higher education sector. Details are given below:
  • Reports and Schemes of the First Council headed by Dr. K.N Panikkar
  1. Restructuring of Undergraduate Education (Choice Based Course Credit Semester System) – The System was introduced in the State on the basis of the Report of the Council.
  2. State Policy on Higher Education- A report in this regard was prepared by a Committee engaged by the Council under the Chairmanship of Dr. U.R Ananthamurthy. Though the Report was submitted to the Government, it was not formally adopted.
  3. Cluster of Colleges Scheme.
  4. Review of University Acts – A committee engaged by the Council under the Chairmanship of Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, IIT, Kanpur prepared the Report and the same was submitted to the Government.
  5. Higher Education Scholarship Scheme.
  6. Data Bank on Higher Education.
  7. Erudite Scheme.
  8. Teacher Exchange Programme.
  9. Restructuring of Post Graduate Education.
  10. Documentary History of Higher Education.
  11. Report on Kerala Open University (KOU) – The report was prepared by a Committee headed by Prof. Ram Tawakle.
  • Reports submitted to the Government and Implemented (Reports of the Second Council headed by Retd. Amb. T.P Sreenivasan)
  1. Review of Choice based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS)Chairperson of the Committe: Prof. Hridaya Kumari B
  2. Autonomous Colleges in KeralaChairperson of the Committee: Prof. NR Madhava Menon
  3. National University for Police Sciences and Security Studies (NUPSAS)Chairperson of the Committee: Prof: N R Madhava Menon
  • Report Approved by the Govt. but yet to be Implemented(Report of the Second Council)
  1. Kerala State Faculty Training Academy,Chairperson of the Committee: Prof. (Dr.) Babu Joseph
  • Reports submitted to the Government(Reports of the second Council)
  1. Kerala State Higher Education PolicyChairperson of the Committee: Padmasree Prof. J A K Tareen
  2. Industry- Academia LinkagesChairperson of the Committee: Prof. Rajeev Srinivasan
  3. Administrative StaffChairperson of the Committee: Prof. Raveendranath K
  4. Arabic CollegesChairperson of the Committee: Dr. P Anvar
  5. Review of University ActsChairperson of the Committee: Dr. Chandrashekaran Pillai
  6.  IT @ CollegesChairperson of the Committee: Amb. (Rtd.) T. P. Sreenivasan
  7. Foreign Travel of TeachersChairperson of the Committee: Sri. K. Mohandas IAS
  8. Incentives for TeachersChairperson of the Committee: Dr. Poulose Jacob
  9. Gender Justice on CampusesChairperson of the Committee: Prof. Meenakshi Gopinath
  10. Feasibility of Private Universities in KeralaChairperson of the Committee: Prof. Cyriac Thomas
  11. Tribal University in KeralaChairperson of the Committee: Dr. Veeramanikandan. N
  • Reports  submitted (Reports of the second Council)
  1. Research in UniversitiesChairperson of the Committee: Dr. Gangan Prathap
  2. National Justice SchoolChairperson of the Committee: Dr. Mohan Gopal

Report of the One Member Commission for KSHEC

Report of the committee on Autonomous Colleges in Kerala

Implementation Procedures for the Institution of Kerala Open University

Report on Inter University Centres