Ongoing Programmes

·   Cluster of Colleges: UGC has mooted the concept of Cluster of Colleges as an arrangement for mutual sharing of resources, human and physical, among neighbouring colleges with a view to optimum utilization of the available facilities for enhancing enrolment and quality of education. The scheme of the Cluster of Colleges would enable the partnering colleges in the Cluster to progressively share existing infrastructure and manpower and create new common facilities.  Accordingly, three Clusters viz, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode are functioning from 2009 onwards and they consist of five, four and five member colleges respectively.  Common Research Laboratories, Add on Courses, Yoga Classes, Common Cluster Games, Cultural activities, Residential camps, workshops, International Conferences, Common book publications etc are some of the activities under  Cluster of Colleges.

·   Erudite Scheme: -Government of Kerala has initiated several steps to improve the quality of higher education and research in the Universities in the State.  As a part of this general endeavour, the Government introduced a ‘Scholar in Residence Scheme;’ called Erudite, to enable the academic community to interact with outstanding scholars and nominated the Council as the Nodal agency for the implementation of the scheme.  This is one of the ongoing project, of the Higher education Council, which is functioning as per the guidelines framed by the Council and is administered with a special fund provided by the Government.  In the initial stage, the beneficiaries of the scheme were only University Departments, later it has been extended to Government and aided Colleges also.  Around 220 National and International Scholars, including Nobel laureates, have taken part in various programmes organized by universities and colleges under the Erudite Scheme.

·   International Relations Group :-As a part of Internationalization of Higher Education, Department of Higher Education set up an International Relations Group with the Kerala State Higher Education Council. IRG envisages the program like International Masters Programme, Short term courses, Academic Tourism, Collaboration Projects in India, Training and exchange programmes for teachers and students with Universities and India semester programme. The KSHEC provided initial expenses to Universities in Kerala (Kerala University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Calicut University and Kannur University.

·  Higher Education Scholarship Scheme:-The very concept of instituting scholarships to meritorious students to pursue higher education was an offshoot of the declared motto of the Kerala State Higher Education Council; that is to bring about equity and excellence in higher education sector. Act 22 of 2007, by which the KSHEC was set up, empowers the council to evolve schemes for providing equitable opportunities for higher education through scholarships and free ships and financial assistance to the needy students. Invoking the foregoing provision of the Higher Education Council Act, a unique Higher Education Scholarship Scheme was framed and launched in 2009. One thousand first year undergraduate students who pursue studies in science, humanities, social science, and business study streams in Government/Aided Colleges and Universities of the State are selected for the scholarships every year. The scholarships of the awardees so selected would be renewed in the ensuing years till they complete their post graduation. Students pursuing professional courses are not eligible for Higher Education Scholarships of the Council.)

·  Journal - Higher Education for the Future:-The Council publishes the journal Higher Education for the Future (biannual-January/July) in collaboration with SAGE Publications(India)Pvt Ltd. since 2014 and as on March 2016, five issues of the journal have been published (January 2014 to Jan 2016). Its mission is to shape the new generation of higher education based on national and international experience. It seeks to address a wide spectrum of issues including research, policy, pedagogy, accreditation, assessment, quality enhancement, best practices and all related areas in higher education. The journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and follows the 6thed of APA style manual.

·    Research Projects: -The Council has selected 12 points pertaining to higher education on which there is scope for research.  Financial assistance is given to academicians to do research on the above points. For Long term research Rs.2 lakhs and for short term research Rs. 1 lakh is given as assistance.  Teachers from University departments and Govt and aided colleges are eligible to get Research Assistance under this initiative of the Council.

·    RUSA: - It is an umbrella scheme to be operated in mission mode that would subsume other existing schemes in the higher education sector mainly funded by UGC.  RUSA is envisaged as a prime vehicle for strategic funding of state institutions so as to ensure that issues of access, equity and quality addressed in an equitable manner with the state as a composite unit of planning.  RUSA ordains the Kerala State Higher Education council to run the RUSA mission in the State in co-ordination with Higher Education Department and State Project Directorate.

·   Workshops Training etc.:- KSHEC conductsworkshops, training programmes etc. on various matters, subjects and issues for stake holders on a regular basis.  Faculty Training Programmes arranged for young teachers, Workshop on Gender Sensitization for the Co-ordinators of the Women Cells in universities and colleges, Conferences of Principals, International Student Meet,Training Programmes for Non Teaching Staff and Student Seminars are some of such programmes organized by the Council. Besides the Council organizes monthly Public Lecture by renowned academicians and eminent personalities from various walks of life. The Council also gives financial support to universities and colleges to conduct workshops and seminars on various topics pertaining to higher education.

·   International Conferences: In 2013 an International Consultations on Quality Assurance in Higher Education was organized by KSHEC. Likewise In 2014 an international Meet on Transnational Education was organized at Thiruvananthapuram. Recently during 2016  a Global Education Meet was organized at Thiruvananthapuram in association with  Department of   Higher  Education, Govt of, Kerala and FICCI