ERUDITE- Scholar In Residence PROGRAMME

Several Universities abroad have special programmes that provide outstanding graduates and young researchers with opportunities to interact with Nobel Laureates and other distinguished scholars, who pioneer the frontiers of knowledge. Kerala State Higher Education Council’s ‘ERUDITE Scholar-in-Residence’ is the only such programme in India for the University students and teachers to interact with Nobel Laureates and other scholars of worldwide recognition. Introduced by the last LDF Government (2006—11), the first Higher Education Council enabled our Universities to invite Nobel Laureates and other eminent scholars for interaction with talented young researchers. Mahatma Gandhi University brought Roger Tsein (Biochemistry), Ferid Murad (Medicine), Robert Huber (Biochemistry), Johann Deisenhofer (Chemistry), Harold Walter Kroto (Chemistry), and Anthony Leggett (Physics). Similarly, Paul Krugman (Economics) was at Kannur University, while Cochin University benefitted from Prof. Zhores I Alferon (Physics), Prof. Roger Y Tsion (Chemistry) and University of Kerala benefitted from Prof. Johann Deisenhofer (Chemistry), Prof . Martin Chalfie (Chemistry), Prof. Anders Liljas (Nobel Prize Jury member) respectively, with their intellectual presence.

Most teachers and students worldwide often have little chance to meet Nobel Laureates, let alone the opportunity to interact with them. In such a situation, a Programme for inviting Nobel Laureates for the benefit of teachers and students to share knowledge in the concerned field is exceptionally significant. Exposure to the knowledge and experience of the Nobel Laureates tremendously influences our young researchers, not only intellectually but also psycho-socially by enhancing self-esteem and self confidence. Laureates deliver lectures on topics of their choice, share scientific advancements in their areas of research, provide academic career guidance to young researchers, suggest new research questions to them and co-opt teachers of genuine research talent in collaborative projects. Providing a good exposure to fresh areas of research for them to explore, however brief and limited, instils optimism in their minds and helps think practically about the direction in which they should steer their research enterprise.

 Kerala State Higher Education Council is rejuvenating the ERUDITE- Scholar in Residence Programme with the full conviction of its predominant role in inspiring our talented researchers, and in opening up new opportunities for them to develop international research collaborations.

Besides, the KSHEC seeks to give another dimension to the Programme by attaching a new component called ‘Brain Gain’ to combat ‘Brain Drain.’ This is to persuade eminent non-resident Indian professors, particularly Keralites, who matter in their areas, to come as Scholars-in-Residence, and if possible to teach a course under the Programme. Here the teachers from abroad and students from our Universities would share not only the passion for new learning but also cultural oneness. It would engender a scholarly environment of unique learning experience and provide better opportunities for the talented young students while opening up opportunities of covetable research collaboration for teachers. The Council launches this as a mission to gain the ‘drained brains’ back for the country.

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