Learner Ecosystem Campus (Dhaishanik Paryavaran )

Dhaishanik Paryavaran or Learner Ecosystem Campus is a programme with a mission to reconstruct higher education campuses as live organic fields of knowledge acquisition. The scheme purports to transform the present teacher centred higher education institutions into student centred learning environs that encourage creativity and critical aptitude. The Council will take up the responsibility of developing a campus into such a learner ecosystem campus which can be taken as a model and copied by other institutions with necessary changes.

Lerner Ecosystem campuses are expected to give priority to digital teaching, learning ecosystem and cross-disciplinary dialogues. Such campuses would take the lead in seriously debating and discussing issues concerning drinking water, waste, environmental pollution, global warming etc. which are current issues as well as those threats, challenges and conundrums that are evolving. To facilitate such an ambience, the KSHEC will provide directions and encouragement for interdisciplinary activities and formation of teacher-student collectives on campuses. Discussions are underway with various stakeholders including teachers, students and administrators of the campus.