Outcome Based Education and Training

As the UGC has made it mandatory for us to follow the system of Choice Based Course (CBC) and Outcome Based Education (OBE), our UG courses with fairly well updated contents have been under choice based credit and semester system. Although their overall standard is quite good, their structure, composition, procedures and credit administration are to be further fine tuned to incorporate the features of OBE. Courses are well designed instruction packages in specific knowledge fields, with preconceived results that go into the making of the outcome of the Academic Programme. They are scientifically structured with insights of continuity, sequence, and integration, appropriate for effective learning. Workshops are organized in different universities in the state in this direction for the BOS for redesigning the courses at the UG/PG level..

Course Designing
Designing a Course is part of the science of teaching and learning. It is integral to OBE that insists upon determination of learning outcome as the first step. Precisely drawn outcomes of a Course provide clarity of purpose in teaching/learning. They act as a running thread of quality control across the planning of curriculum, selection of instructional strategies, choice of learning experience, and preparation of tests. Informing learners about the outcome well in advance, OBE enables ongoing concurrent self-assessment of learners for making sure of their progress towards attaining the outcome. It provides them with chances to demand new learning experiences that ensure the same. Since the outcomes are stated, the teachers also get to know the progress and they enjoy the legitimate right to test whether the learners have attained the goal. .

OBE workshops by KSHEC
It is part of KSHEC's faculty and curriculum development programme addressing pedagogical measures related to higher education viz., Outcome Based Education, Course Design, Instructional Design and Assessment for Good Learning. Currently the council is focussing on Course Design as construed by the UGC. Prof. N.J. Rao, Professor Emeritus, CEDT, IISc, Bangalore and his team have developed a specialized scheme of OBE for faculty members and board of studies and have offered extensive training through KSHEC. It is Trainers' Training Workshop exclusively for Board of Studies (BoS0 members of PG and UG levels), is predominantly activity oriented and based on one-to-one interaction with all participants during pre- and post-workshop periods. It provides pre-workshop support by way of background materials, presentation slides and exercises for use during the workshop; as well as technical help for post-workshop consolidation of materials generated during the workshop through a MOODLE web site. .

The council continue to offer the same scheme of hands-on-workshop designed by Prof. Rao on Outcome Based Education to higher education institutions in the state. 

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