About Us

The Kerala State Higher Education Council is the principal higher education policy input provider and trend setter of the State of Kerala and it strives to bring about equity and excellence in higher education sector. The Council is an apex level statutory body,instituted under the Kerala State Higher Education Council Act, 2007 and the Kerala State Higher Education Council (Amendment) Act 2018 of the State Legislature of Kerala. Perceiving its democratic structure and participatory approach in making decisions, the Council is often denominated as a mandated, working collective of all the stakeholders of the higher education sector, including academics, administrators and students. Following are the major objects and mandates of the Kerala State Higher Education Council:
  •      Render advice to the government, universities and other institutions of higher education in the state.
  •      Co-ordinate the role of government, universities and apex regulatory agencies in higher education within the state.
  •      Formulate and initiate new concepts, programmes and replicable models in higher education.
  •      Provide common facilities in higher education without impinging upon the autonomy of other institutions of higher education.