Samaagati Report of the Committee on Gender Justice on Campuses 

Report of the Committee on IT@Colleges

Report of the Committee on Incentives for Teachers

Report of the Committee on Amendments to Regulations on International Travel by University and College Teachers

Report of the Committee to Study the Feasibility of establishing Private Universities in Kerala
Feasibility study report on setting up a Central Tribal University
Report of the Committee on Arabic Colleges
Report on National University for Police Science and Security Studies(NUPSAS)
Interim Report of Arabic Colleges Committee and the proposal for international Arabic University
Report of the Industry Academia Linkage
Report of the Kerala State Assessment and Accreditation Council
Report of the Committee on Autonomy of Colleges in Kerala
Report on Kerala State Higher Education Policy-2012
Report of the Commitee on Non- Teaching Staff(Administrative Staff)
Report on Choice Based Credit and Semester System
Report on the Review of University Acts(Final)
Scholarship Brochure
Regulations for Choice Based Credit & Semester System for U.G. Programme CBCSS-2014
Kerala State Higher Education Council - Revised Agenda 2012
Higher Education Scholarship 2011-12 - Select List (First batch)
Report of the committee on The State Policy on Higher Edn. (Submitted to the First Council 2007-11)